Bowline Ltd

Bowline Ltd Hong Kong- Manila

Bowline Ltd,67 Johnston road , 11/F Trust Tower, Wan Chai ,Hong Kong


Philippines office: LĀ“Ermitage, Toledo St. Salcedo Village, 1226 Makati C. Philippines


CONTACT US: +632 519 7193/ +63 9178931339




Agricultural & Horticultural FilmsBuilding & Construction Films

Banana Bunch CoversConcrete Curing Film

Compost and Forage Bags Construction Film

Grapevine Cover Film Construction Geomembrane

Greenhouse PlasticUnder-Slab Vapor Barrier

Ground Cover Film

Hydroponic Gully FilmCatering Disposables Packaging

Low Tunnel FilmFreezer Bags

Mulch FilmRegular Trash Bags

Silage CoverSachets for Refreshing Tissue

Soil Disinfection FilmSachets for Sugar

Water Membrane


Catering Disposables Packaging

Freezer Bags

Regular Trash Bags

Sachets for Refreshing Tissue

for Sugar









Chemical & Petrochemical Packaging

Form Fill Seal Bags

Shrink Hood Rolls


Hygiene & Tissue Disposables Packaging

PE Handle Bags

PE In-Layer Protective Hygiene Film


Food & Beverage Packaging

Cereal Liners

Form Fill Seal Film

Shrink Film for Beverage Bottles


Industrial Films & Packaging

Machine Stretch Film

Manual Stretch Film

Paper Cores

PE Film for Printing

PE Lamination Film

PE Printed Protective Film

PE Release Film

Power Stretch Film

Shrink Film

Shrink Hood Rolls for Industrial Use





Household and Plastic Films

Disposable Table Covers

Food Storage Bags

Regular Garbage Bags

Tie Garbage Bags


Soap & Detergent Packaging

Form Fill Seal Film for Detergents


Pharmaceutical Packaging

Blister Foil


Building & Construction Films

Concrete Curing Film

Construction Film

Construction Geomembrane

Under-Slab Vapor Barrier